Forty years ago I began a textbook by saying:

“I have long been aware of the difficulty that many students as well as generally educated people have in understanding the very basic principles that underly the broad field of statistics. It is to this large audience that I address this text, with the hope of providing them with an opportunity to gain some insight into this challenging subject.”

In the years since I have taught, consulted, and attempted to develop ways to help others gain the ability to tap their own capabilities to understand and use statistical thinking. On this site I describe how I bring those efforts to business, industry, and the standards world. In a separate site (see the sidebar) I will also share efforts to reach a wider non-technical audience.

Here you will find descriptions of my work doing:

  • ConsultingI have worked with a wide variety of companies and other organizations to help in using statistical methods to improve and monitor processes and products. I believe in providing insight into what is being done so that in addition to helping solve problems the effort also provides an educational function for others to continue to use the practices for future efforts..
  • Training – I have provided special courses focused on how to use statistical methods during the development of test methods. These courses have been primarily offered through ASTM International. These have been done as public classes as well as specially developed for companies and technical organizations.
  • Statistical Standards – For almost 30 years I have been an active member of ASTM Committee E11 on Quality and Statistics. I have served as Chairman of several subcommittees as well as the Chairman of the committee. I currently serve as Task Group Chair for several important standards that provide guidance for developing and evaluating test methods. We are primarily concerned with the issues of how well these measurement and test procedures perform.
  • Statistical Thinking – I have been exploring the idea that we all do statistics all the time and how we can become more in touch with this understanding. I believe that this is relevant to the efforts I do under Ullman Associates, as well as how we all can become more adept at gaining an understanding of how to use statistical ideas in our everyday lives.

I will also be sharing activities and materials I have written as well as comments on other aspects of both quality and statistics.

I welcome communicating with anyone having interest in any of these topics.